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We pride ourselves on being experts in pond plants for everything from tub gardens, garden ponds, wildlife and community ponds to lakes. We can help you whether you are planting to encourage wildlife, to create a delightful garden pond or a sophisticated water garden feature, or even to control the dreaded blanket weed. We’re always happy to help, so if you have a question get in touch, and check out our blogs and news below for the latest advice, hints and tips for growing pond plants for any water gardening project.

Why should I have water plants?

You only need to browse through our store to see how beautiful water plants like our lilies are, how a marginal can brighten your pond's borders and the reeds can add interest and drama to even the smallest tub garden or the largest lake. Stocking your pond isn't just...

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Menyanthes trifoliata marginal perfection

Otherwise known as bog bean, marsh clover, marsh myrtle, Menyanthes trifoliata is a fabulous native marginal plant. We think it is a beautiful must for any pool, especially wildlife ponds. It’s early flowering and a favourite with pollinators and much visited by bees, moths, butterflies and aphid loving hoverflies.

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Blanket weed – why is it such a problem?

Blanket weed can be a major problem in garden ponds because it is unsightly, can clog up the other plants in the pond, especially oxygenating plants and can reduce the level of oxygen in the water which can harm the pond life. The presence of blanket weed is always a...

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