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What started as a hobby 1972 when we began collecting and growing water lilies and all things aquatic, led in 1992 to us opening up our water gardens as Merebrook Pond Plants. Over the years we have collected a vast range of aquatic plants including many rare, hard to find plants and a stunning collection of around 60 different water lilies. Collecting water lilies that are true to name has proved to be extremely difficult as more very often plants supplied were not the cultivar we had ordered; so much so that a named red water lily on flowering would turn out to be a white or yellow and vice versa! Eventually in 1996 our perseverance in ensuring that we had an extensive, unique and accurately named collection of water lilies paid off as we, alongside the RHS gardens at Wisley, were honoured by the International Water Lily and Water Gardening Society for holding an outstanding collection of water Lilies, being one of only a handful of accredited collections worldwide.

In 1996 when we opened our gardens to the public, we displayed the largest collection of hardy aquatic plants growing to maturity in the U.K. and Europe, with visitors coming from all over the world. We also had a thriving mail order business for our plants and in 1997 became the first UK water plant mail order supplier to introduce a full online colour catalogue.

In 2009 with an ever increasing demand for plants via our website, we found it increasingly difficult to service our online customers and at the same time to maintain the gardens to the very highest standard, so sadly we decided to close our gardens to visitors.

  • The plants we supply all come from our original collection of both water lilies and marginal plants ensuring that whatever you order will be true to name.
  • Unlike most suppliers all our plants are grown outside (minus 19 in the winter 2010/2011) and not under glass, so they are truly hardy and can be moved at any time of the year.
  • All the plants we sell are rooted – except of course for the oxygenators – so they can planted out at any time as long as the water is free from ice!

Over the past 39 years we have learnt much and are still learning more about the care and propagation of water plants through experimentation and trial and error. This is invaluable expertise that you will not find in water gardening books or anywhere else, so if you need any advice please feel free to contact us and we will do our upmost to help.

Happy water gardening!

Roger and Biddi Kings.

Sorry but our gardens are not open to the public

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Hesperatha Coccinea
Hesperatha Coccinea


 Birthday, wedding anniversary celebration?  For that someone special, why not a Pondplants Gift Token so that they can add something really unique and special to their pond?  The token can be redeemed at any time during the year.  We'll just point them to our website so thay can choose just the right water lily, iris, marginal or poolside plant for their own pond.

We normally dispatch plants within three working days of receipt of order.  Our standard delivery charge is £7.50 per order for delivery within the UK.  For delivery to EU mainland countries please add an extra £7.50 per 2kg and note that we cannot deliver planting crates or snails outside the UK.  Full details on our "Delivery" page.

Our plants are supplied bare-rooted, lifted and prepared on the morning of dispatch.  The potted plants you buy from other suppliers must be re-potted immediately to give them room to grow.  Marginal plants need to be in 5lt mesh crates and water lilies in 10lt mesh crates.


Remember that plants always grow to fill the crate they are in, so size does matter!  Small 9cm crates are suitable for oxygenators and for containing marginal plants in tubs and mini-ponds.  5lt crates are suitable for most marginal plants and for miniature water lilies.  They can also be good for small varieties of lilies in tubs and mini-ponds.  10lt crates are great for water lilies in almost all garden ponds, and they can also provide space to grow for marginals in larger pools too.





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