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Add interest to the edges of your pond with some of our marginal plants. These attractive plants come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and everyone is bound to find something they like.

Whether you’re looking for a stately Iris, a delphinium-like Pontederia Cordata (Pickerel Weed) or the miniature "Monkey Puzzle" tree, Hippuris Vulgaris (Mare’s Tail).  Perhaps you would consider the delicate dwarf Japanese bull rush, Typha Minima or maybe the striking Schoenoplectus Scirpus Zebrinus (Zebra Grass) is more up your street.

What about, the yellow haze of Caltha Palustris (Marsh Marigold/Kingcup) or perhaps the snapdragon-like flowers of Mimulus Luteus (Monkey Musk) giving a profusion of flowers throughout the summer

See our Marginals Care page for how to get the most from your marginal plants.

Native Plants - denotes plants native to the UK


All orders received after Sunday 25th June will be dispatched the week commencing Monday 10th July 2017

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