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Merebrook Pondplants take your privacy seriously. In order to process your orders we require a certain amount of information from you, which can only be acquired when you actively fill out our forms in the ordering section.

We do not pass any of your details on to third parties and will only contact you in relation to the specific orders you place or enquiries made by yourself.

No information is stored on our online servers to further ensure the privacy of your data.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy please feel free to contact us.

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You can Email us at: or call us between 9am and 5pm Mon - Fri on: 01684 310950

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Water lily Marliacea Chromatella
Water lily Marliacea Chromatella


 Birthday, wedding anniversary celebration?  For that someone special, why not a Pondplants Gift Token so that they can add something really unique and special to their pond?  The token can be redeemed at any time during the year.  We'll just point them to our website so thay can choose just the right water lily, iris, marginal or poolside plant for their own pond.

We normally dispatch plants within three working days of receipt of order.  Our standard delivery charge is £7.50 per order for delivery within the UK.  For delivery to EU mainland countries please add an extra £7.50 per 2kg and note that we cannot deliver planting crates or snails outside the UK.  Full details on our "Delivery" page.

Our plants are supplied bare-rooted, lifted and prepared on the morning of dispatch.  The potted plants you buy from other suppliers must be re-potted immediately to give them room to grow.  Marginal plants need to be in 5lt mesh crates and water lilies in 10lt mesh crates.


Remember that plants always grow to fill the crate they are in, so size does matter!  Small 9cm crates are suitable for oxygenators and for containing marginal plants in tubs and mini-ponds.  5lt crates are suitable for most marginal plants and for miniature water lilies.  They can also be good for small varieties of lilies in tubs and mini-ponds.  10lt crates are great for water lilies in almost all garden ponds, and they can also provide space to grow for marginals in larger pools too.





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