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How do I plant up a lake/earth based pond?

Planting up a lake or a large, earth-based pool poses a different challenge from planting up a lined pond or garden pool. A large earth-based environment offers an ideal opportunity for plants to run, grow and expand.  You do have to be careful to factor in methods...

How do I make a wildlife pond?

Starting from scratch Always fill your new pond from a tap, natural spring or by temporarily diverting a nearby water course.  Don’t use rainwater as this may well be too acidic and can contain harmful pollutants. Whatever kind and whatever size of pond you’re after,...

Are Water Lilies Difficult to Grow?

There are two main groups of water lilies in the world, hardy water lilies and tropical water lilies. Tropical water lilies do not like our climate and are difficult to grow unless you have a specialist tropical greenhouse. Many tropical lilies are night bloomers,...

Joey Tomocik

Joey Tomocik is a stunning large water lily with big glossy, lemon-yellow flowers and sage green leaves flecked with copper. Ideal for larger ponds, pools and lakes.

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