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What's the right stocking rate for a pond?  How many water lilies? What colour water lily? How many marginal plants?  How many bunches of oxygentor?  What is the best water lily for your pond?  How big are the water plants?  How to control blanket weed?  What about water lily baskets?  What's best for surface cover?   What about bog plants? 

Whatever your question, you'll find the answer right here.  How to choose your pond plants; how to select the right water lily; how to plant your water lilies, marginal plants and oxygenators;  how to care for you pond plants and get the best display for your own garden.  Select your plants from the wonderful pictures of all our water lilies, deep water, marginal, bog, moisture loving plants and oxygenators and for help with FAQs see our 'Plant care' pages.

For all aquatic plants, water lily, marginal,  bog, moisture loving and oxygenating plants; plants for lakes, pools, ponds, mini-ponds,wild-life ponds and water features; native , unusual, deep water and pygmae plants; nymphaea, hardy water lily, Louisiana iris and a full range of specialist water and moisture loving plants, look no further! Just click on a picture to go to plants in that category or enter a plant name in the search box and go straight there.

Plants are all supplied bare-rooted with good foliage and root growth for the time of year and are ready to pot on.  For more details and care instructions please visit our PLANT CARE pages.





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Primula japonica Apple Blossom
Primula japonica Apple Blossom

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Plants are dispatched within three working days of receipt of order.  All orders are delivered by Royal Mail first class post or ParcelForce.  For more details please visit the "DELIVERY" PAGE OF THE WEBSITE.

All our plants are grown outdoors not under glass, so they are completely hardy, this means that we can go on sending them out all through the year, as long as they're not buried under snow or trapped beneath the ice.  The plants we send out are rooted, not cuttings, so they are all ready to grow on.  Pop them into your pond now and they'll be primed and ready to go as soon as the weather warms up.  An early start means stronger and more vital plants to give that early boost and a lovely display.

Our plants are supplied bare-rooted, lifted and prepared on the morning of dispatch.  The potted plants you buy from other suppliers must be re-potted immediately to give them room to grow.  Marginal plants need to be in 5lt mesh crates and water lilies in 10lt mesh crates.


Plant Primulas now for that special Spring into Summer display.  Primroses (primula vulgaris), cowslips (primula veris) and drumstick primulas (primula denticulata) all flower early in Spring. Plant in moist, damp soil next to the pond to give interest and joy at the beginning of the growing season.


Remember that plants always grow to fill the crate they are in, so size does matter!  Small 9cm crates are suitable for oxygenators and for containing marginal plants in tubs and mini-ponds.  5lt crates are suitable for most marginal plants and for miniature water lilies.  They can also be good for small varieties of lilies in tubs and mini-ponds.  10lt crates are great for water lilies in almost all garden ponds, and they can also provide space to grow for marginals in larger pools too.





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