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Whether you have a garden pond, patio tub, lake, wild-life pond or water feature we have the perfect plants, oxygenating plants, snails and crates for your needs.

All of our plants are grown in the UK in the open so are totally happy in our climate. All are hardy and not affected by the pond freezing or warmer summers.  We have a wide range of native plants , and those that are particularly attractive to bees and other pollinators .  Also take a moment to explore our rare and unusual plants.

Each plant is supplied bare-rooted with good foliage and root growth for the time of year and are ready to pot on.  For more details and care instructions please visit our plant care pages.

Shipping – We are currently shipping your orders within 7-10 working days. 

Everything in the shop is currently available. As spring settles in and our plants get growing, our list will continue to expand, so please do keep an eye on the site. 

If you can’t see what you want, please get in touch for in-stock dates.