Bog/wetland plants - caring for your plants

Why do I need plants for boggy wet ground?

  • All natural ponds are surrounded by areas of boggy wet ground where the soil is always waterlogged.
  • Plants that grow in these areas provide a habitat for all kinds of birds, insects and amphibians.
  • Many marginal plants grow well out of water, providing the soil is always waterlogged.
  • There is also a whole range of amazing plants that have adapted to grow only in boggy wet ground.
  • Unless yours is purely a formal pond, the surrounding plants are part of the whole concept for your planting.

How many plants do I need for boggy wet ground?

  • When you create a boggy wet area to display these lovely plants, plant directly into the soil.
  • Boggy areas are often invaded by weeds, so plant it’s important to plant enough plants to crowd them out.
  • An area of 1m2, you will give you 5-10 planting areas, each to be filled with a clump one variety of plant.

How do I get the best display in my boggy wet ground?

  • With a lined pond you will need to create adjacent boggy wet areas yourself as these will not form naturally.
  • For best effect, depending upon the size of plant, we suggest you plant two or three plants of the same variety into each planting area.
  • You need to manage the plants regularly to make sure that each variety is allowed space to grow.
  • Occasionally check to make sure the soil always remains waterlogged.  Where you dig in a spade, the hole should always fill with water.

How do I care for plants in boggy wet areas?

  • Be careful not to plant plants, especially native plants, that are too robust or they will end up taking over the whole area
  • Remember that most plants readily spread seed and will colonise any vacant space.
  • Plant into a heavy loam, free from chemicals. Light, sandy soil, and chalky soil are not suitable.
  • If your own soil isn’t suitable we recommend that you use a good quality aquatic compost such as Westland.  For your nearest supplier go to
  • If possible include a few shallow puddles between the plants to add interest a habitat.

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