Caring for your poolside/moisture-loving plants

Why do I need plants do I need moisture-loving plants?

  • In a natural pond, beyond the boggy margin you will usually find an area of damp, moist soil.
  • Remember that an artificial or lined pond may not necessarily be surrounded by damp soil suitable for growing moisture-loving plants.
  • Moisture-loving plants often do well in a shady area where the soil doesn’t readily dry out.
  • Moisture-loving plants don’t need their roots in water, but will only grow happily in soil that is normally quite damp.

How do I get the best display from my marginal plants?

  • Moisture-loving plants are quite specialised in the conditions for their growth, and many will grow happily in grassy areas.
  • We recommend that you plant in groups of several of the same variety with space around them for best effect.
  • If you start with three or four clumps of plants, you can always add more.

How do I care for my marginal plants?

  • Most moisture-loving plants will spread vegetatively through root growth, so to create a new planting you can always divide.
  • When planting, make sure that the roots have as much space to grow as the top growth.
  • Don’t plant too close to another plant, leave at least 30cms between plantings.

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