A Planting plan for your pond


A sketch plan showing names, position and number of plants suitable for your pond together with extensive notes to help you.



We are happy to draft a sketch plan as a guide for planting up your own special pond.  The diagram shows the names, position and number of suitable plants that will provide a balanced and viable ecosystem for your pond.  We will also include notes with general guidance and advice for planting your pond, specifically tailored to your own scheme.

All we need are some photos of your pond, together with a rough sketch plan showing dimensions – length, width and depth, together with details of any planting shelves. It will also help us if  you can show the location of any water features, such as pumps, filters, waterfalls, or fountains  Please add any additional information you think might help including aspect – north, south, east and west, and position of adjacent shrubbery, walls etc.