Pontedaria cordata



Choice plant for any pond. Striking, glossy, heart-shaped leaves with blue delphinium-like flowers much loved by bees and butterflies.


Pontedaria cordata forms a striking clump of deep green leaves and bright, deep blue flowers much visited by all sorts of pollinators.  No wonder it has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit! Supplied bare-rooted.

Top tip: Copes well in areas where water levels fluctuate naturally with spring flooding as it emerges later in the Summer. and flowers on into September providing late foraging for the insects.

Flowers: July/August

Height of plant: 20-60cm from crown.  When given space to grow, readily forms dense, attractive clusters of leaves and flowers.

Propagation: Grows from a bulbous rhizome producing offsets that can be divided and potted on.

How to plant:  Plant into a 5lt or 10lt planting basket using heavy garden loam or Westland Aquatic Soil and place on a shelf in the pond.  Fill the planting basket to a depth so that, when planted, the crown of the plant will be level with the rim. Hold the plant securely and fill in with soil all around the roots, pressing the soil down very firmly until the planting crate is almost filled to the brim.  For aesthetic purposes, the soil can then be top dressed with no more than 1cm of pea gravel.

Recommended planting depth:  The planting depth for this plant measured from soil surface to water surface and not including any gravel dressing is 5-20cm.