Primula florindae Himalayan cowslip


Himalayan cowslip.

The largest and most fragrant of all primroses with a wonderful nutmeg scent, has great big mid-green leaves and tall lemon-yellow flowers.

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This giant cowslip has tall flower stems above rosettes of large, mid-green leaves. The nutmeg scented, sulphur yellow flowers are strongly fragrant, so no wonder it has the RHS AGM (Award of Gardening Merit)

Top tip: Can be grown on the marginal shelf to give an architectural focus.

Flowers: June – September

Height: 20-80cm

Propagation: Divide plants.

Soil conditions: Best planted out somewhere where soil never dries out.

Planting:  Plant into a permanently boggy area where the soil never dries out or plant into a 5/10lt planting crate using rich, moist soil and position in the pond on a shelf so that the surface of the soil is at water level.