Saururus cernuus


Lizard’s tail

Large mid-green leaves and highly scented, long, fragrant, creamy pendulous flowers.


Has large showy leaves and produces amazing long fragrant creamy flower bracts in full Summer.

Top tip: Not many aquatic plants are this highly scented, and the foliage is also fragrant when crushed, so grow next to a walkway for maximum appreciation.

Flowers: July/August

Height of plant: 20-40cm from shoot-root junction.

Propagation: From April-August root runners that set new plantlets can be cut off as small or medium plants for potting on.

How to plant:  Plant into a 5/10lt planting basket using heavy garden loam or Westland Aquatic Soil and place on a shelf in the pond.  Fill the planting basket to a depth so that, when planted, the tiny leaves at the top of the new shoot of the plant will be just proud of the rim. Hold the plant securely and carefully fill in with soil all around the white stem, making sure any new rootlets are below the soil surface.  Press the soil down firmly around the rooted stems until the planting crate is almost filled to the brim.  For aesthetic purposes, the soil can then be top dressed with no more than 1cm of pea gravel.

Recommended planting depth:  The planting depth for this plant measured from soil surface to water surface and not including any gravel dressing is 10-20cm.