Veronica beccabunga



Tiny bright blue flowers grow amid glossy, heart-shaped bright green leaves.

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Brooklime is a low growing plant with a creeping habit, attractive foliage and tiny blue flowers, so it’s good for masking the edge of the pond.

Top tip: A mud lover that likes to have room to creep across the mud and can be underplanted beneath tall plants like irises. Gets a bit leggy and straggly particularly after flowering in the Summer, when it can be cut back. Supplied bare-rooted.

Flowers: May/July

Height of plant: 5-20cm.

Propagation: Divide at any time by gently removing stems that have already rooted.  Roots at every leaf junction that contacts the soil, so planting is shallow.

How to plant:  Plant into a 5lt planting basket using garden loam or Westland Aquatic Soil and place on a shelf in the pond.  Fill the planting basket to the rim, then make a finger hole in the soil and drop in a shoot so that the third or fourth leaf junction is on the surface of the soil. Plant several shoots into each basket holding each plant in turn so that the soil is securely firmed all around the shoots.

Recommended planting depth:  The planting depth for this plant measured from soil surface to water surface and not including any gravel dressing is 0-5cm.