Ranunculus aquatilis (hederaceus)


    Ivy leaved crowfoot

Trailing stems just below the water surface bearing a profusion of delightful little white flowers and tiny geranium-shaped leaves above.


Ranunculus aquatilis (hederaceus) is very pretty addition to any pond and a useful oxygenating plant. There are two leaf forms, a floating geranium-like leaf that accompanies flowering and submerged, fern-like foliage. Supplied bare-rooted.

Top tip:- Best planted in with a marginal plant from where the stems can trail into the pond. It will also grow happily in slow moving water.

Flowers:- May/June.

How to Plant:- We suggest that each bunch is planted in with a marginal plant where the ranunculus will have at least 5-30cm of water covering it and the soil. This means that although it can always be planted separately into its own basket, it may well be more convenient to plant it in with an iris, pontedaria or lythrum that is already in a basket. Just be mindful that it does need space to grow, so it wouldn’t be the best idea to plant it in with any other low growing ground covering plant.

Although bunches are leaded, it is not advisable to just drop them into the pond, especially if it is a new pond which hasn’t had time to build

Bunches:- Minimum of 6 strands per bunch